organisational chart


The General Assembly: 

This is the highest authority within SEA Europe. Member associations are represented by both company and association representatives. The General Assembly appoints a Chairman and seven Vice-Chairmen for a two year term. The Chairman and Vice-Chairmen are top executives of companies of national member associations of SEA Europe.

The Board

SEA Europe is administered by the Board. The Board consists of two representatives of each member country. Chairman and Vice-Chairmen are included in the respective group of the national representatives. The Chairman presides over the Board meetings.

The Directors’ Committee: 

The Directors of the national member associations of SEA Europe constitute a specific group of experts to identify areas of interest for SEA Europe, under the direction of the Board or General Assembly of SEA Europe, to perform any tasks delegated to the Committee by the Board or General Assembly and assist the SEA Europe Secretariat.

The Secretariat: 

The Secretariat carries out the day to day running of SEA Europe under the direction of the General Assembly and Board. The Secretary General, in co-operation with the Chairman, the Vice-Chairmen and the Directors’ Committee, proposes the Association strategy and implements it upon approval of the Board.